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Volunteer Positions

Highland Collection Can Volunteer
ARCHIE Public Collection Assistants
Donations Can Collectors, Aberdeen based


Volunteering is crucial to the continued success of the ARCHIE Foundation and plays an important part in every aspect of our work. We use this part of the website to highlight the specific roles we need to urgently fill. However, we always welcome requests from people interested in volunteering regardless of whether or not there is a specific role that interests you listed on this page.

Because of its importance, we take volunteering very seriously. Volunteers are asked to attend an informal interview to ensure the charity gets the right people for each role and also to ensure you get a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from the job you will be doing. We also make a commitment to provide suitable training and support to all our volunteers and also to provide you with the facilities you need to do the job.  Volunteers will be subject to a Disclosure check.

We are a small team here at ARCHIE but we’re trying to do a big job for local children when they are sick. If you can commit to volunteering on a regular basis and would like to get involved please fill out the form below and we will contact you.  Please remember, there may not be opportunities immediately available but we will keep in touch and would hope to find a mutually beneficial role without too much delay.

Thank you!

Ruth Milne
Volunteer Manager

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Volunteer roles require a disclosure. This will only be sought with your consent at the final stage of the recruitment process. Further information is available from the volunteer co-ordinator,